Photos stamped with RED numbers are NEW items in the gift shop.
Please mention the number of the item/items you’re interested in when
placing your order with one of the staff members at the COA.
Example: Item #1 Stow Blanket with sheep and stamp border.

Reminder: Pompositticut Community Center is currently closed due to COVID-19 restrictions but the Gift Shop is OPEN with social distancing in mind. Simply call the COA at (978) 897-1880, Monday – Friday from 8-3 to purchase the items of your choice. The receptionist at the COA will explain the pick-up/pay process when you place your order.

Exact Cash or Check Made Out to SFCOA Accepted

New Items in the Shop

Colors may vary from the original photo due to the weaving process.
Great Gift Idea

Each piece of wood is hand selected and treated with lacquer sealant.

Leather Handles

One of a kind tray for coffee table, ottoman, bedroom or kitchen.

Please visit Roaming Roots Website to read more about these trays.

Handcrafted Needlepoint Pillows

New items added weekly. Our volunteers needed something to keep themselves busy during COVID-19.

Stow Blank Greeting Cards
Set of Six for $10.00

Perfect gift for someone who lives in Stow.

Past Tense Volumes 1 and 2 are now available in the Gift Shop
Click the link below for more information.